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PTC Request/Expense Report Instructions

Please read through the instructions to ensure that your request/expense report is completed properly so that there is no delay with the processing of your report       


1. All cells highlighted in yellow MUST be filled out              

2. All Requests must be submitted to the PTC Financial Secretary with a detailed description of items/cost/purpose of item requested for approval PRIOR to purchase.  

3. You will be notified once request has been approved or declined by the PTC. Please allow 2 weeks for review.       

4. Once the approved item(s) have been purchased (see line 50 for prior authorization), attach your receipts to this form as a PDF or image to the tabs.    

5. Receipts should be added to the numbered tabs - one receipt per tab so that it is easy to reference         

6. If you have more than eight receipts, right click one of the receipt tabs and create a copy          

7. Email the completed form with receipts to the PTC Financial Secretary at, or print it out, attach receipts, and place in the PTC mailbox in the office.

8. For your reimbursement to be processed, both the Treasurer and President must approve your expenses by signing their name and date on rows 56-60   

9. Your reimbursement will be processed within 2 weeks.  An email will be sent to alert you once your check is ready for pick up.      

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