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PTC Volunteer Intent Form
Looking to get more involved in the school this year? We need your help!

Share your contact information below if you have interest in chairing an event, joining an event committee, volunteering at school events, or just  lending a hand for different activities and fundraisers.

It takes a village, and we cant do what we do without you!

Choose your option for helping:

I would like to head/lead an event at Riego Creek. I would like to work closely with the PTC and a committee of volunteers to coordinate an event such as trunk or treat, schools dances, etc.

I can help with assembling packets, tallying orders, cooking bake sale items, making a few phone calls, or working on event decorations all from the comfort of my home.

I am interested in helping during school hours from time to time. Things like making copies, distributing, book fair prep, picture day, etc.

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