Board Members

Manny Villalpando

My name is Manny Villalpando, also known as Mr. V. I’m very honored and excited to be the principal of Riego Creek and to embark on this journey with you and your family. 

Hannah Danbacher

Hello. My name is Hannah Danbacher. My wife and I moved over here from the other side of Roseville a few years ago and have now found an amazing community to raise our two boys. After being with Kaiser for the last ten years, I am now primarily home with our little guys. Greyson is 5 and Hudson is 2
½. I have not been on a PTC before, but am excited to help bring our school family together and accomplish great things. While this is a bit of a learning curve for me, I embrace and encourage new ideas and advice. Working closely with our Raptor families and staff, I trust that our board will be the rock for making our new school the best ever. Looking forward to working with all of you! You can reach me at

Tiffany Kay
Vice President of Fundraising

 Hi Everyone!  My name is Tiffany, and I am very excited to be a part of the Riego Creek PTC.  I currently work as a Director of Manufacturing for a company headquartered in Kansas who makes encrypted hardware and software solutions to keep your data secure. I have 2 kids, Jayla, a Chilton Bobcat (7th), and Felix, a Riego Creek Raptor (K).  As a Bay Area transplant, joining the PTC was a very logical choice for me to engage in a new community, make friends, and embark on an amazing opportunity to be part of something really special – the inaugural year at Riego Creek.  I look forward to meeting you at our events and supporting the parents, teachers, and kids of Riego Creek!


I lead the fundraising efforts for our PTC, which includes corporate donations, dine outs, and shared profit programs like Box Tops, Amazon Smile, and Shutterfly. Please reach out to me regarding fundraising at

Carla Pudwill

My name is Carla Pudwill. Along with my husband, John, we are parents of two Raptor kids. My daughter, Madeline, is in 4th grade. My son, Dominic, is in 1st grade. I work as a Project Manager for a software company.

I am currently your Secretary for the PTC. This is my first time joining a PTC in this capacity and I now see what a difference the PTC makes. I have enjoyed learning and helping out with the group. I strive to help our children have a wonderful experience while they are at Riego Creek and support our teachers to achieve this. Please reach out to me regarding secretarial matters at

Jennifer Mink

Hi Reigo Creek Elementary parents and caregivers! My name is Jen and I am your PTC Treasurer. I am married to my wonderful husband Darrin and together we have 4 kids. I also have 5 kids from a previous marriage, so I am a mom to 9 precious kids. I have a son in the Navy, a son in the Air Force, two of my older daughters have recently gotten married, and my 20 year old is currently going to Sac City College. I have two boys who are mini raptors and twin 4 year old girls who cannot wait to go to school!

This is my first time serving on the PTC, and I’m so excited and thankful for the opportunity to serve our school, families, kids and community! Please reach out to me regarding tax and financial matters at

Irene Buck
Social Media Liaison

Hello! My name is Irene Buck. Our family includes my husband Jeremy, Kindergartener Waylon, and Preschooler Levi. After 16 years working in auto insurance claims, I am now a stay at home mother. I serve our school as a room parent, member of the School Site Council, and manage the PTC website and social media sites. I am grateful for the opportunity to help our school and community! You can reach me regarding social media or our website at

Sali Tucker
Vice President of Events

Hello Raptor Families! My name is Sali Tucker and I am your most excited VP of Events! My husband and I are thrilled to be part of the Riego Creek community. We have two spunky boys - 4 years old (soon to start Pre-K) and a 6 year old (1st grade). We have been Roseville residents for about three years now and cannot imagine raising a family anywhere else. I am a full time nurse at a local hospital, and absolutely enjoy and am driven by patient care.


I was part of my son’s PTC last year, but this is my first time serving as a board member! As your VP of events I am committed to our wonderful school, staff and students. I strive to help build so many memories in the years to come. Mostly, it has been such a wonderful experience to be part of a growing school. I am humbled and so grateful to take this position on. I look forward to enjoying lots of Raptor events with you all! You can contact me regarding events at